7 Best Outdoor Toys For 1 Year Olds (2023)

7 Best Outdoor Toys For 1 Year Olds (2023)

Hey! Your baby turns one; it is time to let him experience outdoor playtime. I am sure you are thinking about the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds. Don’t worry. In the article, I have rounded up the list of the 8 best outdoor toys for 1 year olds. Outdoor playtime is a must for the physical and sensory development of the kids. However, choosing the right toy can be challenging as many toys are available in the market. But don’t worry. Every toddler is different; you need to notice your baby’s preferences and choose the best outdoor toy. Explore outdoor toys for 1 year olds in the article and select the best one for your little champ. Let’s get started.

Can Musical Toys Be The Best Outdoor Toys for 1 Year Olds?

Yes, musical toys are the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds. One year baby is too small and can’t do many physical activities. If you want your baby to learn something while playing the you can add musical toys to their playtime. You can also plan outdoor playtime with the magic of the musical toys to make your baby over the moon. Laughing and screaming with joy is the best physical activity that will be helpful for the proper growth of the babies. Toys are toys, but the bitter truth is that offering as much time to your little one is a great thing that can support the baby’s growth.

Babies get bored in the same surroundings, so changing it will surprise them greatly. The same musical toys can do wonders for babies outside your home. So, that is why I am saying you can use musical toys, also considered the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds. Further in the article, you will get unique ideas to use musical toys as the best outdoor play toys for 1 year old to make your baby delightful.

7 Musical Toys That You Can Use As The Best Outdoor Toys For 1 Year Olds

Babies love to listen to various sounds, which is why musical toys can attract them within seconds. Not every one year old is too active to walk properly or hold things, for that kind of baby will feel the most comfortable with musical toys. Below I have mentioned some ideas that can help your baby to enjoy as much as possible outdoor playtime.

Remote Control Cars

Remote Control Cars

One year babies are too small. They are learning proper walking. The musical remote control car can help you if you use them as the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds. What do you need to do? Plan an outdoor playtime in the evening in any park or backyard of the home. Just take some snacks for the baby. Now take out your musical remote control car and start running it here and there. I am sure your baby notices the car and starts to run to catch the car.

The remote control car has a good sound that can attract the babies within seconds. The babies love to chase these remote control cars like stunt cars, fast cars, police remote control cars, etc. Moves the cars in different directions, and your baby will chase the car. Allow him to catch the car. You will be shocked to see his face when he catches the car. Take out your phone and catch the victory moment of your baby into your camera. This is how he will enjoy the outdoor playtime and learn to walk. Physical activities also enhance the hunger of babies. So, the remote control car is the best outdoor play toy for 1 year olds to support their physical and cognitive development.

Musical Elephant Toy Sound Walking With 3D lights For Outdoor Playtime

Musical Elephant Toy

I have mentioned that toddlers love to listen to different voices earlier in the post. For your baby’s emotional development, spending time with them is a must. Plan a family outdoor playtime with your baby. Kids are naturally attracted to strange sounds and lights, so I suggest you choose a musical elephant. Are you thinking now, how can I make the outdoor playtime special for my baby? Hold your horses for a while. Choose the evening time to play with your baby. The musical elephant is one of the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds. Let me tell you. How?

First, pack your small bag. Take a mat, snacks, and water for your baby. As you reach the park, lay down the mat on the floor. Feed water to your baby first. Now take out your musical elephant and turn on the toy. As you turn on the musical elephant, the toy will start with the sound of the elephant. Your baby will attract the toy. The lights and sounds will attract the baby, and your baby will start to crawl or walk behind the one year old outdoor toys. Your little one will enjoy the moonwalk with the musical elephant. He will dance and enjoy with the toy with another level of happiness. Your baby will also learn to recognize the sound of the elephant. Learning with enjoyment makes the musical toy the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds .

Crawling Monkey

Crawling Monkey

Monkey shape is already funny that can attract anyone. If we talk about the little ones, they will attract the monkey within seconds. The funny face, light, and music make the crawling monkey one of the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds; as I told you earlier in the post, plan your playtime in the evening and lay down a cartoon mat on the ground. Take out your funny monkey and switch on the toy. As you switch on the toy, the monkey will start to jump with the music, and I am 100% sure your baby also goes with the flow and moves his hand to copy the monkey’s jump. That is the physical activity a small kid needs for proper development.

Maybe some of you are thinking little one can play with the musical monkey at home, then why do we plan outdoor playtime with the musical monkey? The same food served in restaurants instead of at home enhances the value of the food. In the same way, the musical monkey can do wonder outside the home. Your kid will feel something different with the same toy. You can capture a wide smile on your baby’s face during outdoor playtime. What do you say? I am telling you that thing on behalf of my motherhood experience. Try this one of the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds, and share your experience in the comment section.

Electric Pet Horse (Multicolor)

Electric Pet Horse (Multicolor)

Pet Horse is also one of the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds that can bring curiosity and joy to your baby. You can use this electric pet as the best outdoor toy for one year old. The toy has a lease, so your baby can walk with the electric pet horse. As the horse starts walking, dazzling light and music encourage your baby to walk or move fast. This is how he will learn proper walking with enjoyment.

We need motivation to work hard. In the same way, kids also need the motivation to learn to walk or move their bodies as much as possible. The attractive lights and music motivate your baby to walk as the horse walks. Why go only for regular outside toys for 1 year olds like Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon, baby balance bike, etc.? Try something different to make your baby feel special. You can use musical toys to entertain your little one during outside playtime. The electric pet horse is also considered one of the outdoor gifts for 1 year old. So, choose musical toys during outdoor playtime to put some creativity into your kid’s mind.

Electric Clown Walking On Hand Toy (Multicolor)

Electric Clown Walking

A cute, funny, and colorful musical toy that walks on hand. The electric clown has a piece of wonderful music that push your baby on cloud nine within a second. If you use the musical clown for your outdoor playtime, then your baby surely impresses with the music of the electric clown and starts jumping here and there to catch it.
You will also enjoy the walk of this funny clown.

Musical toy lovers consider the funny clown one of the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds. We all know music enhances the flow of our activities, and your baby will also feel more active with the charm of the musical toy. Check out the other detail of the musical monkey and book it now to add more species of joy to your baby’s outside playtime.

Talking Tom

Talking Tom

At the age of one year old, babies are developing their speech. A talking tom is the best musical toy to communicate with your baby to boost his speech. The toy is also considered one of the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds. A talking tom repeats whatever your baby says that attracts the kids toward the toy, and the baby enjoyingly repeats the words repeatedly. That helps your baby to develop speech. Moreover, if you touch the different parts of the cat, you will listen to different music. That means if the baby suddenly touches the parts of the cat, they will listen to various music when your baby plays with the toy outside or in the backyard. The talking tom catches the sound and repeats it also. That thing offers enormous joy to your baby. Talking Tom is also considered the best outdoor toy for 1-year-olds. So, what are you thinking? Visit the website and choose the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds.

Bathtub Toys

Bathtub Toys

Many bathtub toys are available in the market. Some of them you can find here. You can plan outdoor playtime in the summer with the bathtub toys in your backyard or garden of your home. Only you need to buy bathtub and bathtub toys. Playing in the water with the toys is the best thing that makes one year baby on cloud nine. Babies love to play in the water, and the bathtub toys will enhance the joy of your baby, so why don’t you use that idea to make your baby play time super time? I am sure you will also feel bathtub toy is the best outdoor play toys for 1 year olds. Even the bathtub toy is famous as one of the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds. Give it a try.

Conclusion: Best Outdoor Toys For 1 Year Olds

I hope you will get the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds to push your baby’s playtime to another level of joy. I have mentioned some musical toys that you can use for the outside activity of your kids. Musical toys boost the cognitive development of babies so that you can use them confidently for outdoor or indoor playtime. I have mentioned all steps to set the most enjoyable outside playtime. I hope you will like my unique view of the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds. Thanks for staying tuned with me till the end of the article.

FAQ’s Regarding Best Outdoor Toys For 1 Year Olds

Here are the answers to the most asked questions that will help you to choose the best outdoor toys for 1 year olds:

Q. What toys should I give to a 1 year old baby?

A. Musical toys are the best for a 1yesr old as they boost the kids’ cognitive development. Even you can use musical toys as outdoor toys for 1 year olds to please your baby.

Q. How can I entertain my 1 year old outside?

A. Use walking and talking musical toys to entertain your 1 year old outside to help your baby learn and walk properly happily.

Q. How much time should a 1 year old spend outside daily?

A. One year old should spend at least 1-2 hours per day outside to keep physically active.

Q. Is it ok to let 1year old play alone inside the home?

A. Yes, it is ok to let 1-year-old play alone but make sure the baby has no sharp-cornered toys.

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