2 Layer Art Supply Kit-Best Color Kit For Kids


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Is your loved one’s birthday around? Then buy 2 layer art supply kit without any doubt. No one gift is better than an art supply kit. 2 layer art supply kit is a premium gift for kids. Your loved one will surely give you a broad smile on receiving that fantastic gift. So, without wasting a second, book the product immediately.

Here is more information about the 2 layer art supply kit. Gulp it fast.

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145-Pcs 2 Layer Art Supply Kit

Boost your child’s creativity with our 145 pcs color kit, including painting tools, oil pastels, colored pencils, crayons, watercolor paints, sharpener, palette, eraser, etc.

All Artistic things in one box

The color kit contains all the material that a child needs to paint his creativity. The coloring kits for kids are worth buying as a gift to make them super happy.

Sturdy & Easy to Carry

It’s super easy to carry it anywhere you want. Kids can store art supplies easily in the luxury aluminum box—no worries about missing things here and there. So, let your little painter exercise his creativity anytime, anywhere.

Safe and Interesting

All the painting tools are 100% safe. You can even give 2 layer art supply kit to your 4 years kids. The colors are too exciting for kids to encourage them to make interesting drawings.

Color Kit Price

The affordable price is also one of the unique qualities of 2 layer art supply that makes the best choice for the customer. The color kit is the best for kids, teens, adults, and beginner artists. Make special days more special for your babies by giving them the best coloring kit.

Product Details


Type  Coloring Kits For Kids
Ideal for Boys and Girls
Skillset Boost Creativity & Art Skill
Minimum Age 4 years
Net Quantity 1



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