Multi Function Portable Electronic Mini Keyboard Piano Musical Toys for Babies


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Musical mini keyboard piano is one of the best educational toys. The kid’s keyboard piano offers a learning environment to the kids. The small piano is the best gift for three years and above. Kids love to press buttons to hear the different melodies.

Features Of The Mini Keyboard Piano:

Here are some features of the mini keyboard piano that will help to decide on the purchase of the toy:

Mini Keyboard Piano

The baby piano is the best alternative to the big piano. The toy is ideal for toddlers. The keyboard piano price is affordable. So, there is no excuse to leave the toy. Just add it quickly into your cart.

Educational Toy

Kids piano is a educational toy tool to build up the sense of music among babies at an early age. The buttons are soft and lengthy, so your baby can press them quickly.

Piano for Kids with Conversion Feature

The conversion key is the best feature of the musical mini keyboard piano. The conversion key on the keyboard acts as a converter. Every key plays a beautiful musical melodious tone after pressing the conversion key. You must press the conversion key again to bring the piano into normal mode.

Battery Operated Kids Piano

Kids keyboard piano is battery operated. The battery section is made on the back side of the baby piano. You need to insert 2AA batteries to enjoy a string of the music.’

Safe to Use Piano Toy for Kids

Small piano for kids is made of non-toxic sturdy ABS plastic material. It has round corners and smooth edges, making it safe for kids. Gift your baby something special to make him super happy.

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 cm


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