Remote Stunt Car Big Blue RC Stunt Car 360° Rotation with Multicolour Lights and Music | Rechargeable Battery


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Is your baby Doraemon’s lover? Buy a Doraemon RC stunt car to see his eyes filled with happiness and fun. Best deal to crack! Hurry Up!

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The Rc stunt car’s prominent blue color is the best gift for Doraemon’s fans. The sound is most attractive, and the lights are superb to have great fun for many hours. Kids love to play with the Rc stunt car. No, there is no space for overthinking. Just buy it and make your small champion super happy.

Features Of The RC Stunt Car 

Check out more features of the remote control stunt car to make the purchase quickly:

360 Degree Rotational

The remote control stunt car can go ahead or back, stop, and the front wheels are left reverse and the right wheel reverse. The remote 360-degree spin flip, a 360-degree roll stunt, is a fantastic car feature that attracts kids within seconds.

Unique Design

The design is unique that can please boys and girls and you, also. Your baby can operate the remote control stunt car easily by remote. The remote’s button is soft, so the kids can quickly press them to have fun with the big RC stunt car.

Festive Gift 

Whether it is a birthday party or a Diwali celebration, you can buy Doraemon remote control stunt car for your little champs. The stunning lights, music and speed will surely make your baby stunned.

Wide Applicable Age

RC stunt car is suitable for 3 years old and above. Spins add fun to their playtime. It spins spirally, flipping over 360 degrees and performing super wheelies, it is a virtual treat for your eyes, and children will immediately fall in love with this breathtaking advanced Stunt Car.

So, Remote Control Stunt Car has many features that will keep kids entertained for many hours. Delight your baby with its feat tricks, twirls and turns. 


Weight 300 g
Dimensions 10 × 15 cm


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