Clay Kit For Kids Air Dry Clay( 12 Pcs In A Pack) Colorful! Non- Toxic


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Clay Kit For Kids provides endless fun and creativity to the kids! Buy here at the most reasonable prices. Discounts are limited to sometimes make your purchase quickly.

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Clay Kit For Kids is the perfect gift for the kids. The colourful and air-dried clay encourages kids to make some exciting models to showcase their creativity.

Feature of the Clay Kit For Kids:

Here, I have mentioned some of the most exciting features of the clay kit for kids to let you know more about this exciting clay set for kids:

Excellent Quality

Clay Kit For Kids boasts strong extension power and elastic force, making it easy for you to create the models you desire. Plus, if it accidentally gets on clothes, toothpaste can easily remove it. Unlike any other clay you’ve used before, it’s highly malleable and simple to shape. It’s soft, smooth, and non-sticky, ensuring easy handling and a delightful surprise.


Clay for kids comes in 10 vibrant colours to choose from; our clay promotes colour awareness in children and allows for endless mixing possibilities. It air-dries to a resilient finish within 24 hours, and when rolled into a ball, it even bounces like rubber.

Learning and Education

Modelling clay for kids offers fun for junior sculptors while developing creativity, motor skills, observation, communication, and cooperation. It enhances colour recognition and encourages the exploration of shapes, sizes, and textures. Parents can join in the fun, bridging the gap with their children.

Clay Kit For Kids-Perfect Gift Idea

This clay pack is an ideal gift for any occasion. Made from high-quality ingredients, it exceeds parental expectations. Children love spending time playing with each colour variant, as it never dries or hardens. It’s a creative gift that keeps on giving.

Non-Sticky Material

Our clay is odourless, non-toxic, non-sticky, and non-greasy, ensuring 100% safety and eco-friendliness. Its soft and elastic texture protects children’s hands, allowing for carefree play.

Weight 100 g


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