Mini Mist Fan For Kids With Water Mist Spray For Home & Travel, Multicolor (Pack of 1)


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Buy the most exciting mini mist fan for kids at the most reasonable price. It is the best toy for keeping kids engaged during travel and also giving them some relief from the heat in the funniest way.

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Mini Mist Fan For Kids is a fantastic toy. The cool air with mist water spray is really amazing. Even adults enjoy this toy. No installation, no battery and easy to use make the mini mist fan the best toy for the kids. The multicolour mini mist fan for kids is made with safe material. So, you can give them mini mist fans to the kids without any worry.

Exciting! Want to know more about the magical mini mist fan for kids?

If Yes!

Here are the more features of the mini mist fan for kids:-

Read the following features of the mini mist fan that will help you to make a buying decision:

Hand-Powered Toy

Kids need to pump a handle to create airflow and mist. The process is straightforward. Even a 1-year-old kid can enjoy the magical mini mist fan toy.

Adjustable Speed

It’s helpful to have adjustable fan speeds so kids can customize the airflow to their liking.

Misting Function

Ensure the fan has a misting feature that sprays a fine mist of water to cool down the air. Make sure the misting mechanism is safe and gentle for kids.

Lovely Cartoon Carrot Shape Mini Mist Fan For Kids 

Fun and charming, this nifty gadget will definitely make you stand out in a crowd and add some sparkle to the moment, making it irresistible to anyone who sees it.

No Installation Needed 

Just open the toy at the bottom, fill the water, and give the mini mist fan to the kids to enjoy the cool air. The process is straightforward. Kids can also fill the water themselves without anyone’s help. 

So what are you waiting for? Just order the toy to bring exciting and cool magical misting air at home.

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 8.8 × 13 cm


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